We are 3 y.o. 🎂

Apparently listening to a 3 year old tell a story is like trying to piece together a puzzle where the pieces fit, but they're actually from different puzzles so you never quite get the full picture.

We've got a lot of stories to tell since we launched our pre-loved designer fashion platform in August 2019 and with this blog we want to celebrate some of the highlights. Hopefully the puzzles fit!

August 2019

It's a hot summer and we are getting ready for our first online sales and first London pop-up. We have our branded stamp, two boxes of clothes to sell and no idea what the future holds!  

September 2019

Our first pop-up at our friend's DMC Aesthetics beauty clinic. The support of our friends, who became our first clients and posed for the pictures, was priceless!

November 2019

Not even three months in and we are already on the set of UK's favourite Made in Chelsea. Gosh! We were blushing. Thanks Mark and Rosi for joining Loop Generation. Full episode here.

February 2020

We are on a mission to #MakeFashionGreatAgain with our slogan branded T-shirts saved from landfill. Sustainability in full swing!

September 2020

Paris is always a good idea. Especially when you are invited to organise a pop-up in the capital of fashion and your host is Bettina Vermillon. Right in the middle of lockdowns and new COVID-19 variants, but we managed to conquer France!

December 2020

We have a new home! The sustainable hub Project Thirteen in London's SOHO became our new office and retail space to accomodate not only hundreds of new clothes being delivered to us weekly but also our team that got bigger.

March 2021

Looking good has never felt so good. We took another step to fight against fashion’s waste by partnering with the responsible womenswear label Ninety Percent. You can still shop limited sample treasures exclusively available here and help us slow down the cycle.

October 2021

We appreciate your patience gents. We are finally launching menswear with two exciting celebrity wardrobes from Mark Francis and Pietro Boselli!

December 2021

First second hand on Oxford Street EVER! We were beyond excited when the Westminster Council and Appear Here selected us as one of the top London sustainable start-ups and hosted us in one of the busiest shopping streets in the world. We love challenging trends!

March 2022

Two and a half years after we stamped our first parcel our family got bigger and we opened our first store! Fashion entrepreneurs Touker Suleyman and Tom Singh became our investor partners and 295 Brompton Road in London's Chelsea turned into our HQ! The best is yet to come!

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