We care about the past, present and future of the clothes we sell and their impact in the world.

There is no Planet B

As much as we love fashion and trends, we are also very mindful of the waste and landfill that the industry produces every year. Shockingly, an estimated £30bn worth of unworn clothing hangs in UK wardrobes alone. It's time to make a change.

Be selective, buy responsibly and keep your clothing in the loop!

As an authenticated luxury resale platform, our aim is to offer customers both the opportunity to buy and sell the finest items whilst promoting an interest in mindful shopping, cutting down on needless consumption and focusing fundamentally on quality. But there's more - we don't believe that the journey of a beautiful pre-loved item should end in the wardrobe of its new owner. By taking good care of your purchases you prolong their life and ultimately offer others the opportunity to enjoy them whilst contributing to the economy of circular fashion and taking one more step to saving our planet.

Our journey to total sustainability doesn’t end here. Our packaging is eco friendly too. Each item is delivered to you in an environmentally friendly, degradable box. We also limit printing anything as much as possible, but if it’s absolutely unavoidable we make sure we're using 100% recycled paper.

Join Loop Generation and let's #MakeFashionGreatAgain