Pucci - the fashion house like no other

This week everyone is already talking about Camille Miceli's first collection for Pucci. Former Louis Vuitton accessories director will show her designs on April 29 in Capri. 

After several attempts at radical transformation, Pucci will be going back to its roots: bold patterns for jetsetters. The signature colourful prints, summer dresses, lace tops, bright skirts and other beachy items will be the must-haves for the travellers in resort hotspots from Miami to Saint-Tropez. 

Let's take a brief look at the brand's history - Emilio Pucci had a passion for women, a visionary sense of style, and an eye for color and design. With these talents, he created a fashion house unlike any other. By the early ’50s, his boutique on the isle of Capri was catering to wealthy sophisticates, heiresses, and movie stars buying his “Capri pants,” silk scarves, and lightweight separates.

The Pucci story is a modern epic with its roots in renaissance Italy: the brand’s founder, the Marchese Emilio Pucci di Barsento, was a charismatic aristocrat whose lineage extends back to the 15th century. It is a story of evolution: a family company that grew from one tiny store to an international brand. And finally, it is a tale of innovation: Pucci was one of the first brands to bear a logo, and a pioneer of diversification into interiors, athletic wear, and accessories.

The clock is ticking with the summer season just around the corner. Get your fully sustainable Pucci item now!

Emilio Pucci second hand clothes uk loop generation

Emilio Pucci multicolour dress




Emilio Pucci multicolour dress




Emilio Pucci silk multicolour scarf




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