In conversation with: Hedvig Sagfjord Opshaug

Originally from Norway, banker-turned-content creator Hedvig Sagfjord Opshaug has been inspiring us for a long time with her unique, yet still subtle and classic sartorial choices. You can frequently spot her on the streets of Chelsea and South Kensington with her stylish daughter #HeddaMaly, who has been snapping pictures oh her mother and allowing us to admire the Scandi chicness on Instagram. We sat down for a quick coffee (ok, a glass of wine) with Hedvig to speak about her wardrobe at Loop, stories behind some of her pieces and the future of sustainability. 


Fashion - love or hate?

After working in fashion for many, many years, which now seems like a lifetime (laughs), I have built a huge wardrobe of clothes, which I loved buying and wearing. However, I also saw a lat of faults of the fashion sector and realised that we need to have a much more sustainable approach to our behaviours and lifestyle choices. There is a lot to be changed in other sectors like the food and travel industry too, but I decided to start with my own wardrobe. And that's exactly why I approached you guys to help me with clearing out my wardrobe in the most sustainable way and extending the exciting life of my pieces. 


Which item do you miss the most? 

I'm actually scared of looking at my clothes as I may fall in love with them again and take them all back (laughs). Since I'm Scandinavian, I have always had a soft spot for designers such as Hofmann Copenhagen and Dagmar. I observed how these brands grew and effectively how they became more sustainable. Dagmar for instance makes clothes only from organic, recycled, regenerated or animal friendly materials. They also carefully choose their suppliers and make sure everyones environmental footprint is as low as possible. 

But back to my clothes - I can already spot on the rail the blue striped double-breasted jacket, which I used to wear to many fashion weeks and it was always a great styling piece. I hope it finds a new lover soon! I can also spot the Adeam half moon striped handbag with Swarovski crystals on the clasp. Seems I'm into stripes (laughing). Another great styling piece. You can literally wear a simple black suit and accessorise it with a bag like this and the party look is ready!

Hofmann Copenhagen blue striped jacket - £90

Adeam leather striped handbag with Swarovski crystals - £380

Any sustainability tips? 

Again, start with your own wardrobe. Don't be afraid of letting your pieces go. It's refreshing, makes space for new items and it's healthy for the planet. It's also a great feeling seeing your own pieces living their life on someone else. I often go to your tagged pictures on Instagram to see how people style my clothes. And they often do it better than me! 

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