How long does it take clothes to decompose in landfill?

As sustainable and mindful consumers ourselves we are doing everything in our power not to let our clothes end up in landfill. The study below presents some statistics on how long it takes for the clothes to decompose in landfill.

Most shockingly, all discarded outfits release methane gas as they decompose - the famous substance that is responsible for global heating. Unfortunately most of our garments, even if made with natural and biodegradable materials, are usually sewn with polyester thread and contain all kinds of added harmful components including: synthetic labels, plastic buttons and zips.

As Orsola de Castro observes in her wonderful book "Loved Clothes Last" (it's a must read!), "biodegradable is definitely better than non-biodegradable, however, clothes should be designed to be worn, not buried or burned".

Conclusion? Buy responsibly, choose well, make it last and keep your clothes in the loop! 

how long does it take for clothes to decompose in landfill loop generation

how long does it take clothes to biodegrade loop generation


how long does it take clothes to decompose

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