Missing 2000s? Well, some of you reading this may be too young to remember the times when everyone's dream was a Motorola flip phone, all your friends were practicing denim on denim on denim looks, covering their shoulders with totally fashionable yet useless shrugs, typing like tH1$ and overall making devastatingly unapologetic style choices. To be fair, the 2000s were quite simply a time like no other.

For old time’s sake, we have joined forces with the stylist Lily Bling (aka @nosejob) and revisited some of the most out-there and daring trends that we all were convinced were cool in the years between 2000 and 2009. Fashion fans know that many of those early millenial trends are coming back in this decade on the fashion week runways, so don’t count these trends out just yet. Bondage skirts and bubble dresses, for instance, have been worn by modern-day It-girls like Bella Hadid and Devon Lee Carlson. While the new iterations are definitely updated with a few modern-day details, the early DNA is still strong.

From the lowest of low-rise jeans that showed our favourite thongs (or less) to the surprising popularity of gigantic shades covering most of the face, click through the gallery below to check out all of the trends that you loved back then, and the ones that you may love even more now.

Creative Direction and Styling: Lily Bling | Model: Jess Gray | Production: Ewa Kozieja and Piotr Krzymowski | Photography: Jakub Koziel | Make-up and Nails : Maria McKenna | Hair: Marc Ramos | Assistant: Kiryl Luferchyk | London, 2022

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