Welcome to Club Loop where things are back in the Loop...

(with us naturally)

Club Loop philosophy

Selling and buying pre-loved items are valuable steps towards saving our planet. But why stop there?

Club Loop is a special service that we offer to our clients in order to allow them to be even more sustainable. Do you no longer wear the items purchased with us? We will resell it again for you! It's already photographed and listed on our website, so why not put it back in the loop?

How does it work?

E-mail us

Send a request to hello@loop-generation.com and let us know that you no longer need your Loop Generation item

Return it to us

Before we relist your item we need to receive it in our showroom to check the condition and have it ready for shipment to the new looper. Simply ship it to us or bring it to our London store.

Get paid

Once your item finds the new lover you will get paid 85% of the price (yes, that's right - our commission is as little as 15%)

Joining Club Loop?