111 Skin Cryo Energising Body Serum 150ml



Boost the body and revitalize the mind with 111SKIN Cryo Engergising Body Serum. If it seems that nothing short of bionics will do, 111SKIN is the technologically advanced solution to ageing skin. Stimulate and accelerate the skin’s natural regenerative processes with this smoothing complex made of natural ingredients, algae and fruit extracts and deny the onset of ageing skin with this strengthening and revitalising formula.

A finishing treatment for the body, 111SKIN body serum is the perfect après skin or sun skin treatment choice. Recharge your senses with a lightweight body treatment that works to reduce itchy, flaky or dull skin while leaving the body feeling fresh, taut and more youthful all over.

Retail price: £130

Condition description: New and unopened

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