Welcome to the new way of buying and selling pre-loved clothing. 

Keeping pre-loved clothes and accessories in the loop is our passion. We specialise in reselling second-hand, luxury womenswear, accessories, and handbags. Be patient gents, we are hoping to introduce menswear to our offer soon!

While we bear no affiliation with the brands we sell, we're known for our style, taste, expertise, accurate pricing and discreet service. We don’t take everything on offer, but we do sell most of the items submitted to us. Please follow the guidelines below to find out more about how to sell your clothing with Loop Generation and about our commission rates. 

Loop Generation pre-loved luxury clothesWhat we love to sell...

We currently consider all A-list authentic luxury women's designer clothing, accessories and shoes. Loop Generation pre-loved luxury clothesWhat we can't sell...

Unfortunately we can't accept any items with major stains or visible signs of wear or odour. We say NO to fakes and therefor we won't accept any items that cannot be determined as authentic. 

Loop Generation pre-loved luxury clothes Submitting your items

If you think your items are suitable for Loop Generation then please send us your enquiry with the photographs, description and the price you have in mind (hello@loop-generation.com ). We will reply to you within 3-5 working days and let you know if we are interested in featuring you item in our edit. We will then ask you to ship the item to us and we will keep it safe in our storage for at least 6 months. This amount of time will allow us to photograph the item and publish it on our website as well as feature in multiple Pop-Ups (we tend to organise them every two months in London). We will also do everything we can to promote your items on our social channels and sell it as quickly as possible.

Loop Generation pre-loved luxury clothes


Now, let's talk about money. Loop Generation's flat commission is 25%. That means that 75% of the agreed sale price will land in your account after the successful sale. 

Loop Generation pre-loved luxury clothes Get started

Ready? Steady? Go! hello@loop-generation.com