Loop Generation is particularly passionate, ok slightly obsessive, about fashion, quality, care and authenticity. We value our global community of fashion lovers visiting our online store every day and therefore quality control is essential and central to every single stage of our work. 

Firstly, when we receive a submission from our seller we evaluate either the physical item or images (in case we run out of storage!). We look at the brand and the description of the product to ensure the product is top-quality, in a resaleable condition, on trend and seasonally appropriate. Once we make sure that both parties are happy with the price, we will publish the product on our website. We fully disclose the condition of each item available on our website - the description of each product specifies the condition and faults of the item (we all know that nobody is perfect). Please refer to our classification of product condition to find out more. Once the product is sold, the seller sends the item of clothing to our headquarters in London (unless it is already in our storage). Once in our hands, we carefully compare the product to the original item description, check the quality (we make sure everything is ok with the seams, buttons, zippers, linings and soles and heels of shoes) and look for any signs that the product may not be authentic. It may sound like we are repeating ourselves, but at Loop Generation we say a big NO to fakes or replicas. If the item received from the seller doesn't satisfy our Quality Control Team or is not as described, we will return it to the seller and your purchase will be refunded in full. Finally, if everything is right with your product we will wrap it in our branded, organic cotton dust-bag and ship it immediately to your address. In case we forgot about something or if you had any further questions regarding your order, do not hesitate to contact us at hello@loop-generation.com